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Cha Cha Chai, has been fashioned to drive away the monotony from our regular lives as we sit down on Tea Chests, sip tea and watch the rest of the world pass by. Whether you are out for your morning jog or out on an evening out with your family or you want to drop your shopping bags and sit in comfort with your friends. This is the place to be where you can start an all new ‘Adda’ with your friends and family. You can enjoy the aromatic flavor of tea in a closed ambient space or relax in the open air, while the city zooms by. Blissfully experience of all the facets of tea drinking. The real secret of our success is your love for tea. In return, we do our best to continuously upgrade our menu, give you value for your money and last but not the least, serve you with a smile. Set your senses tingling with the aromatic flavours of Chai, tasty beverages and delectable food from Cha Cha Chai, the Best Tea in Town.


Cha Cha Chai’s first cafe outlet was opened on the 9th of May 2013 in London
near Harrow on Oxford Road .

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CHA CHA CHAI has a wide reaching presence across the  London region. Today,CHA CHA CHAI is recognized as a leading provider of CHA CHA CHAI. Because of its commitment to provide only world class high quality products to the market, CHA CHA CHAI has earned key distinctions from various international bodies including ‘Businessman of the year’.CHA CHA CHAI is a customer focused retailer that  aims to improve the lifestyle of its customers by providing innovative products and services. The company’s staff is backed by a strong value system composed of integrity, respect, teamwork and service excellence. CHA CHA CHAI has proven that understanding customers along with providing good quality products are the keys to success. In fact, when you think of CHA CHA CHAI you don’t have to think of any other brand than CHA CHA CHAI.